^ a to beginners in the 'art and mystery of turning' for example. But it is quite wrong to leave anything off the drawing, even if it means setting a fairly comprehensive note in the title box at the bottom. If the workshop drawing includes a number of parts, then reference numbers and a list in the title box should show the name of each, either immediately underneath it or. It should not really be necessary to say so but it is important to state the material of which each part is to be made, and the number

required. It takes but seconds to write 'MS. Three off, but it is a nuisance having to look up a back number of a magazine to find out this information. Fig. 66 is an example of a small drawing of this type, which includes all the parts (except some standard bolts) needed to make a rather unusual pair of connecting rods. It can be criticised in that the 'note' referring to the dimension of the slot in the strap is remote from the dimension - it would have been better to interchange of position of the note

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