Trimetric Drawing
Fig. 21 'Trimetric" projection, using a special square (Fig. 23), gives a more natural "pictorial" effect. The system can provide alternative viewpoints, as shown. (From the instruction book to the "Trimetric Square").

differently each time. Fig. 22 is another example, showing how a change in scale ratio can clarify the view of the internal parts. It might be thought that such a drawing is very difficult to make, and so it can be. However, about 60 years ago Messrs Metropolitan Vickers patented a Trimetric Scale (sadly no longer available) which greatly facilitates the projection (see Fig. 23) and with this the making of a trimetric

Fig. 23 The combined trimetric square and scales, as patented by The Metropolitan-Vickers Company in 1937.

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