Figure Drawing Without Model

Another quite different method is to begin with any part that interests you, drawing the pattern of darks and lights. Then draw round or across the figure to another interesting area and work on that. A delightful pattern can emerge, and often you find that the drawing seems complete enough when there are still some parts that you haven't even started. By its very nature, this approach can easily lead you to draw some parts out of proportion to others, but this is not too much of a problem under most circumstances, and can sometimes add charm to the finished study in a quite unexpected fashion; besides, no drawing is so precious that you can't discard it and begin again - you will always have learned something, and that, after all, is at this stage the sole purpose of the drawing. The most expressive drawings produced without reference to a model are often created in this way, for it allows the imagination the freedom to improvize and modify the image during the drawing process: the drawing 'grows' towards com-| pletion.

Quite often your best and most readily available model is going to be yourself - a model you can guarantee will not become bored vith posing before you are ready to stop drawing! A full-length lirror will give you plenty of scope, but you can arrange two of lese in such a way as to be able to draw your own body from ilmost any angle. Mirror studies are ideal for building an under-tanding of the shape and structure of the hand, wrist, elbow and lee: all may be quite quickly understood through a few sessions close study.

It would be impossible within the covers of this book to itroduce you to all the possible ways of drawing: they are far too jmerous for such an enterprise to be practicable. Here our jncern is the basic knowledge you need and the opening of a doors to show you something of the endless range of scinating possibilities available to you. There are many good )ks devoted entirely to this aspect of drawing, some of which )u will find listed in the Bibliography. I strongly recommend them back-up study material.

A good life drawing conveys the weight and three-dimensional 'presence' of the living figure as well as its vitality - its 'life'.

Clothed Human Figure Drawing Model
The human skeleton. Note that the long bones of the legs and arms are not straight but curved.
Clothed Human Figure Drawing Model

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