Structure And Proportion

The shoulder girdle comprises the collarbones (clavicles) and julder-blades (scapulae). The bone of the upper arm (hu-js) fits into a shallow socket in the scapula, allowing a wide je of arm movement at the shoulder. | The rib-cage forms a barrel-like flexible frame to enclose and )tect the heart, lungs, oesophagus and other structures. The pelvis is firmly attached to the lower spine and forms a isin which supports the intestines and other internal organs and insmits the weight of the upper body to the legs. The thigh-bone jmur) is bound firmly into a cup-shaped cavity in the pelvis, though individuals vary widely, the bones of the average female Pkeleton are smaller and lighter than those of the male. The rib-age tends to be narrower and the pelvis broader and shallower, i that the trunk appears longer and the hips relatively wider than i the male. Also, the female pelvis is tipped forward slightly, the )ine having a more accentuated curve outwards from the small I of the back.

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