Ambiguous Space Drawing

showing the moment when the javelin is about to leave the athlete's hand. At this point all the force he can muster is concentrated into the throw, and yet his body position as seen in the drawing is very ambiguous. The same is evident in the sequence showing the golfer: at the moment of impact, the posture of the body and the positioning of the limbs give us no indication of what is going on.

For this reason it is often best to draw your figure at a stage before or after the definitive moment. This principle holds true for all throwing and striking actions. In all the other drawings on these two pages the figures are shown just before or just after that definitive moment. The cricketer above is caught immediately before bowling the ball down towards the wicket, and in the other drawings we see the action at a point immediately after the point of impact.

In a good action figure drawing it should be evident what has just happened and/or what is just about to happen.

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