Illustration from Yorkshire Oddities, written by S Baring-Gould. [Copyright © Smith Settle Ltd.]

With both the pictures on these two pages I was able to visualize the arrangement of the group fairly clearly even as I read the brief.

The first illustrates the story of a monk who stole the key to the monastery gate in order to go to the annual fair, where he got so drunk that he had to be brought home in a wheelbarrow. The clothing - especially heavy clothing like this - is in effect a part of the figure, and so the first shapes I drew were rather like skittles. As I had a number of drawings of monks to do, I hired a costume locally and got a member of my family to pose in it so that I could familiarize myself with the way that a monk's habit 'behaves'.

The second picture illustrates a short paragraph in another book. The subject was the use of herbal remedies in monasteries to help sore throats. Once again, the arrangement of the figures was decided upon early in the proceedings; studies of hands and faces followed.

Cartoon Male Sore Muscles Figure

Illustration from In a Monastery Garden written by E. and R. Peplow. [Copyright © David & Charles pic.]

Figure Drawing Light And ShadeFigure Drawing Models FemaleFigure Drawing Light And Shade

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