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To my knowledge, I think Art Babbitt may have been the first one to depart from the normal walk or the cliché cartoon walks. Certainly he was a great exponent of the 'invented' walk. He became famous for the eccentric walks he gave Goofy - which made Goofy into a star. He even put the feet on backwards! He made it look perfectly acceptable and people didn't realize they were backwards!

Art's whole credo was: 'Invent! Every rule in animation is there to be broken - if you have the inventiveness and curiosity to look beyond what exists.' In other words, 'Learn the rules and then learn how to break them.'

This opened up a whole Pandora's box of invention.

Art always said, 'The animation medium is very unusual. We can accomplish actions no human could possibly do. And make it look convincing!'

This eccentric passing position idea is a terrifically useful device. We can put it anywhere and where we put it has a huge effect on the action. And who says we can't put it anywhere we want? There's nothing to stop us.

For that matter, we can keep on breaking things down into weird places - provided we allow enough screen time to accommodate the movement.

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