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lost and found edges

Breezy Moments, Yarra Glen, 10 x 14" (25 x 36cm)

This is a painting of enormous vitality, an excellent example of the effect of lost and found edges in any composition. Take the two gum trees; their hard edges are softened in part. The one on the left has wet-into-wet areas, while the one on the right has been treated with the dry brush technique. Notice the area of green and dark blue in the foreground. The hard edge at the bottom blends into the green, which in turn blends into the hillside. The areas of untouched white paper provide us with the contrast of hard edges throughout the painting.

Lost And Found Edges Watercolor

If you haven't consciously used this technique before, where do you begin? No matter how many words I write about it, the only way to explain this technique is to use the text in conjunction with David's paintings. I'm afraid that this means more work and concentration from you, but I promise it will be worthwhile. Read the captions carefully, noting each reference in the actual painting. I feci sure that by the end of the chapter you'll have a much better idea of how the technique can be applied to your own painting.

One of the wonderful things about impressionistic areas in David's paintings is the way in which they stimulate die viewer's imagination and creativity. The use of lost and found edges produces vitality and atmosphere in a painting which could otherwise be static and flat.

In most instances, strong, sharp lines can be softened into lost edges blending into the background, and this is perhaps the most obvious way of achieving the effect. However, a lost edge can also be obtained in a completely different way, by using the dry brush technique. As the brush is pulled lightly across a textured surface, the color becomes broken and fragmented — in fact, a lost edge.

The Heart of the Hunter Valley, \

This painting has an entirely different mood. There's a tremendous sense of space and distance, much of it achieved by the change of color temperature, from the cool distance to the warmth of the foreground trees. The examples here of lost and found are most easily seen in the foreground trees and houses. Look closely at the edges of the trees, at how they appear and disappear.

Shade And Shadow Drawing Trees

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