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For some years now I have taught in Australia touring different states and cities. On one occasion I was in Melbourne and the organizer of the workshop hosted a party for me to which he invited all the top artists in the Melbourne area. It was a great evening and there was a tremendous sense of camaraderie. I soon became aware that I had been introduced to a nucleus of world-class watercolorists. In my travels around the world I haven't before encountered so much talent in one small area. David was one of the artists I met that night and we immediately formed the beginning of a friendship that has been close and lasting.

David invited my wife and I to his home where his paintings thrilled me to bits. My immediate reaction was to say, "I want to write a book about you". I was so excited by the prospect that then and there I started on the sketches and layouts. David and his wife Diana, a fine oil painter and teacher in her own right, already had several of my earlier books between them, so they too were enthusiastic. Due to circumstances of distance and time it has taken us several years to actually produce the book. We were greatly encouraged in this by Vincent Miller, a great entrepreneur and the publisher of International Artist magazine, Australian Artist magazine, Pastel Artist International magazine and many books by such artists as Harley Brown, Tom Lynch, Alvaro Castagnet, Robert Wade, Ramon Kelley and Robert Lovett.

Australia's history of impressionism dates back to 1885 when the Heidelberg School was formed — the first great flowering of Australian art. A number of young, intensely nationalistic painters gathered together to evolve their own truly Australian impressionism, producing a new and different kind of painting that has shaped Australian vision ever since.

I truly believe that the enthusiasm and support experienced by that early group is being repeated now in Melbourne. Since I was last there many members of the group have become known throughout the world, including David. The last two or three years has found him teaching and painting all over Europe, and he will soon be teaching workshops in the United States of America.

Although I have written many books over the years, my greatest joy has been bringing to the attention of the worldwide public, artists whom I have greatly admired.

David has already achieved so much, but I know that even greater things lie ahead. I hope that this book will contribute to his fame throughout the world.

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