General spattering technique

The fine points of spattering, if that's not a contradiction in terms, are as follows:

1. Pick up a juicy amount of paint in your brush.

Most brushes work for this technique. Try several to compare.

2. Hold the brush handle at the end opposite the hairs with the paint-loaded hairs pointing up.

3. Make a quick downward motion with your wrist so the paint flies off the hairs onto the paper.

Hopefully your paper catches most of the spray, but you may want to wear an apron and cover the furniture for protection.

Sometimes the paint drips. If you don't want a big drip on your painting, try spattering with the paper in a vertical position leaned up against something. That way you don't have to contort your wrist quite as far and the drips will land on the table instead of your painting. Most watercolor wipes up with water, but be sure to protect your table if needed.

Here's a trick to help spatter only go where you want it: Have several old towels in your watercolor painting kit. Washcloths or hand towels are perfect so long as they're dry and clean — never mind the stains. Lay them over the areas of the painting you want to protect from flying spatter. Then spatter. If the paint is too wet, it may soak through the towels, so use a little restraint.

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