Experimenting with Textures

You can use a number of tricks to create some unexpected textures. It's one of the endearing qualities of watercolor. Have an experimental attitude and you'll make many fun discoveries. Many of the techniques in this section are like revealing surprises and presents at a birthday party. Most techniques are deceptively easy and quick. Not knowing the secrets, your audience will marvel at how difficult it was to complete your painting and how long it must have taken!

These texture techniques can add interest to an otherwise bland area, or they can create the illusion of depth. You may or may not want to use all your tricks in one painting.

The magic time for making these tricks and techniques work successfully is to do them just as the paint shine is about to leave the paper. You don't want puddles of wetness or areas that are too dry. Shiny damp is perfect. The other challenge is even wetness. Things will work only in the damp area. If you have some areas in your painting that are damp, some wet, some dry, you'll have a variety of effects too.

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