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Learn Tips And Techniques Of 58 Artists As They Explain The Process They Used To Create 108 Abstract Paintings. 369 Pages, 108 Full Color Abstract Paintings. Inside A Walk Into Abstracts you will find 108 stunning abstract paintings by 58 artists. All the artists have a picture of their abstract art and their working process on how they did the painting from beginning to end. Their materials, techniques, and work sequence. Every working process is provided with one picture of their abstract art painting. Read more here...

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A Walk Into Abstracts Volume Two

Learn Tips And Techniques Of 27 Artists As They Explain The Process They Used To Create 48 Abstract Paintings. 201 Pages, 48 Full Color Abstract Paintings. This is a collection of abstract painting techniques and ideas from 27 accomplished abstract artists and 45 pieces of abstract art work. This is actually volume two in the A Walk Into Abstracts series. Volume one was a massive collection of abstract art and so popular, I felt that artists were franticly searching for new abstract painting techniques. So, I contacted 27 of my favorite abstract artists and asked them to contribute to this book. These are different abstract artists and abstract paintings than in volume one. Most of the abstract artists featured in this book would say that their art is more real than other painting styles as the colors and textures they create are real.

A Walk Into Abstracts Volume Two Summary

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Appreciating Value

Value, where the color is on the range of light to dark, can be balanced too. Darks and lights can carry weight in a picture darks more than lights. If all the dark area is on one side of the picture, it may feel heavy on that side. The value of the dark sky balances the value of the dark tree in the foreground in the painting in Figure 6-6. Notice that nothing is really going on in the sky area, but by adding the darker value, it directs the eye back into the light area of the painting. Value...

Painting Projects Aplenty

Watercolor Paintings Instruction

OK, those I thought painting wight help relieve the tension around here a little. I did these vthile you viere napping. I'm particularly iond o the Red Cross ship, What do you think 11 These chapters give you tips and instructions on painting inanimate objects, lifelike animals, more than one landscape, more than two seascapes, and just a whole lot of painting projects. Animal, vegetable, or mineral whatever you long to paint, these chapters show you how.

Setting the Scene Surfaces and Backgrounds

Cast Shadows Watercolor

You probably have an infinite number of choices when it comes to the surface on which you set your still life. You can set up on a piece of furniture or a countertop. You can elevate it by setting it up on a box and draping fabric over the box. Likewise, you can choose all sorts of backgrounds to frame your items. You can use draped fabric, a wall, a wall with another piece of art on it, or nothing at all just some colors swirled behind. Think about the contrast of values and colors with the...

Perspective Drawing Of Staircase

How Draw Stair Freehand

Drawing the first vanishing lines 1 A I The next step is to indicate the vanishing lines to the main point. Once all vanishing lines have been inserted it will be possible to outline the entire canopy on the strength of these new reference points and the estimated length and height of the canopy, which vanishes to the main point. We now draw in the spatial dimension, the step and grid for scraping off muddy shoes We should stress here that the utmost care and attention should be devoted to...

Pen And Ink Lines French Wash Ben Day Machine

French War Watercolor Pen Ink Comic

By this time the student must desire to ink in a drawing. Ink work is extremely interesting, but it requires much practice. You may be able to render a nice drawing in pencil and be afraid to touch your pen to it. Many feel this way, and many good drawings have been spoiled because the student did not practice the lines on a separate piece of paper. The very idea that you are afraid will cause your hand to be unsteady, and a very steady hand is required. The idea is not to draw just an ink line...

Tints and shades

You can also add white or black paint to another color. When you add white, the new color becomes a tint of the original color. That's how red becomes pink, for example. When you add black, you make a shade of the original color. That's how you get maroon from red. Make a chart of tints and shades. You can use Figure 5-2 as a guide. 1. Using watercolor paper, grab your pencil and draw a 4-x-1-inch rectangle for each color exploration. 2. Choose a color and place it in the middle of the...

Project Building a Barn

Cubes Pyramids Cylinder

Okay, after all this drawing, how about a little painting This is, after all, a book about painting. This project allows you to practice your drawing and shading skills as well as work with perspective. Then you get to give your paintbrush a workout as well. The farm scene in this project is a collection of cubes buildings , pyramids roofs , and cylinders silos . The scene uses two-point perspective. Should you need to draw your own two-point perspective, measure the roof line and the ground...

Things To Remember

Pencil Shading Still Life Drawings

When drawing colorful subjects, it is important to add the colors in layers, beginning with the lightest. Figure out the undertone, or lightest color of the drawing, before you begin. Using a circular motion with the flat of the pencil lead will give you the illusion of speckling like that found in pottery glazes. Look for the five elements of shading, particularly reflected light, when drawing rounded and spherical objects. Foreshortening is when the shape of an object appears distorted...

Oft and hard textures in Paris

Dry Brush Drawing Stage

What mainly attracted David to this Parisian scene was the soft, misty mass of the Pont Neuf in the distance against the crisp, strong colors of the barge in the foreground. The other attraction was The paper is wetted with a large mop brush, leaving the area of the barge as dry paper. This is to preserve the whiles so that contrast added later will be even greater. The background bridge and building are then painted wet-into-wet, consciously alternating between warm and cool colors in the...

The Thumbnail Sketch

Thumbnails Sketches

The thumbnail sketch is a very small sketch approximately 2 x 2 of your subject as you are viewing it through your viewfinder. The purpose of this type of preliminary sketch is to visualize how your subject will look once you begin drawing it larger on your paper. Because of the simplicity and rapidity of execution, these sketches are very useful for experimenting with the arrangement of your subject within the format of your paper. It is recommended that you do two or three thumbnail sketches...

Selection of Color Markers

Felt Tip Marker Sketch

Color choices of markers are ever increasing. It is indeed difficult to start a useful collection because of the many variations of styles and colors and because of the cost factor. You should choose colors according to basic need rather than on impulse. Look for colors that blend well with each other instead of setting up a kaleidoscopic selection Limit your selection to not more than fifteen or twenty markers. You can always add to your collection as you progress. To ensure intelligent and...

Mechanism Of The

Human Body Arm

The muscles of the human body not only bend the body by muscular force, but also serve as brakes, slowing the reactions. For instance, the biceps and the brachialis anticus muscles are placed in the front of the upper arm and, by their contraction, they bend the elbow. If power ceased altogether, the forearm would drop down. But the opposing muscle slows the otherwise uncontrolled movement after the manner of a brake. This mechanism of slow motion pervades all the limbs and every movement of...

Paint It Again Sam Repeating Yourself

Elements Design Repeated Lines

Repetition is another principle of design . . . another principle of design . . . another principle of design. Repeated oval shapes with slight variations create a harmonious picture. Repeated oval shapes with slight variations create a harmonious picture. You can repeat any element in paintings repeat colors in all areas of the painting repeat values repeat shapes repeat lines or textures. Repetition is visually pleasing, though you need to make use of some tricks to keep repetition from...

Put in the details like shingles bricks and curtains

Because details are so tempting, you may want to paint them first, but waiting until later can save you much heartache. Believe me, you don't want to add a shadow next to some detail you already painted and have the detail disappear underneath the shadow wash. Greeley, Colorado, the town I live in, was founded by Nathan Meeker. Horace Greeley sent the young newspaper man to Go west, young man and start a town more than 100 years ago. Meeker's home is now a museum that just happens to be next...

The Modelled Drawing in Water Color Right Angle Study

Color Water

Today you will begin the practice of the modelled drawing in a third medium water color. Each medium that you use should enrich the others. Practice with pen and ink, for example, contributes something to the use of water color which practice with water color alone cannot give, making it fuller and more varied as a medium of expression. As far apart as etching and oil painting are, the one contributes to the other as in the work of Rembrandt. This change of medium might be...

Drawing Geometric Shapes and Adding Dimension with Shadows

Drawings With Geometric Shapes

One of the best methods to use when you're new to drawing is to see things as simple geometric shapes. Almost everything can be broken down, or abstracted, into circles, squares, and triangles. When these flat shapes get three-dimensional form, they become spheres and cylinders, cubes, and pyramids. When I start talking about drawing, everyone immediately says, I can't draw a straight line. Who cares Straight is boring. There aren't any straight lines in any of my paintings. Another stereotype...

Creating The Illusion Of Form

Form Drawing Examples

As with some of the earlier examples in the previous sections I have here shown other methods using different pen, ink and brush techniques to create the illusion of form on a two dimensional surface. The first method I have used employs a flat head brush and a series of washes to give the illusion of a sphere. Firstly draw the sphere outline and horizon line at the back to create the composition. Draw also the shape of the shadow. Start by using the Indian ink in the most dark and opaque...

And Have Full Porms

How Draw Faces For Beginners

The lips and jaw can hardly be drawn convincingly without an understanding of the muzzle and how it works. Beginners draw the mouth as if it lay on a flat plane. The curve of the teeth in the rounded jaw must be considered, and the fullness of the lips themselves must be felt. fixed in its relationship to the rest of the face, and all the movement takes place in the lower jaw. The curve of the upper teeth remains unchanged and is affected only by the viewpoint. The dropping of the lower jaw may...

The Effect of Underwear and Bathing Suits on the Female Figure

Drawing Fashion Underwear

You can show the softness of the flesh in how it yields to the pressure of various items of clothing. In the case of underwear or bathing suits, it may be either the elastic along the edges or the fabric itself that presses into the skin. Some kinds of fabric provide a glove-like fit that makes virtually no impression on the skii Some kinds of fabric provide a glove-like fit that makes virtually no impression on the skii You can show the softness of the flesh in how it yields to the pressure of...

Underwear Fashion Drawing

Mannequin Base Design

In the center use tone etching plus white. 2. Draw with pen. Do not use a ruler. 102 npsinninn Hrininal RnhntQ Think about the boc y Parts as y u draw-You can create an ucaiyiiiny unymdi nuuuia 0 igina robot jf you desj egch individua part and combine Flying Robots Swap flying devices with the head to emphasize the primary function of the robot. Use basic parts for the chest and arms. Use basic parts for the chest and arms. When designing robots that can fly, first consider the basic shape...

Seasons Fairies

Four Seasons Fairy Drawings

Leprechaun love trea ure, especially gold, and they may go out on dark night armed with picks and shovels to search for buried riches. Every leprechaun owns at least one pot oi old, wh ich he hides at the end of the rainbow. Nary rare Iun r rainbows hide the most valuable hoards. The wings of these fairies are based on those of the male and female silkworm moth, and this, together with the accurate and careful observations of the dandelions and other plants, gives a nice blend of fantasy and...

Ost and found edges in a busy market scene

Busy Market Scene Watercolours

This busy market scene in the Italian city of Palermo provided David with an irresistible subject. There were so many plus factors. It was seething with bustle and activity, and the cool shadows of the narrow street showed up the rich, colorful foreground produce to perfection. The umbrellas were very important, providing a light area against the dark tones of the buildings. It was also an ideal opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of lost and found edges. Throughout the picture the eye...

One Stroke Painting

One Stroke Painting

1 ttxibfe kud j Y m lt h 11 Am 0 truth rtxc cmi 4T 4 Scioot H Yrikiw IW. K H c4 tV k il v rS or KK k iroU Ifuo Kmc to lip. 1 ttxibfe kud j Y m lt h 11 Am 0 truth rtxc cmi 4T 4 Scioot H Yrikiw IW. K H c4 tV k il v rS or KK k iroU Ifuo Kmc to lip. 2 Rrpcaiurp I io the cnher foX lt 4 tbr ka 2 Rrpcaiurp I io the cnher foX lt 4 tbr ka 3 tfc u th oll if writ , oecboe tfcro, i rW verter of tW kal co fon vtrm 3 tfc u th oll if writ , oecboe tfcro, i rW verter of tW kal co fon vtrm IS gt u...

Getting Dressed Shoes and Socks

How Draw Manga Shoes

When the figure is seated the surface of the bed or cushion conforms to the shape of the buttocks. How the invisible part of the buttocks presses into the mattress or cushion. Slipping into her shoe in a seated position. 3. Getting Dressed In Front of the Mirror Even when the character is _____ __ ___________ simply standing or sitting straight, avoid making the figure completely rigid. Supple figure, standing Rigid figure, standing Supple figure, seated Rigid figure, seated The thigh of a...

Coloring the Hair

Manga Female Body

Black with white highlights Layered screentones Black with white highlights Layered screentones What are the secrets to drawing faces in profile Based strictly on bone structure, it is strange for the eyes to be set too far back from the nose, but in drawings, such a style may still be perfectly acceptable. There are many different ways in which the eyes, nose, and mouth can be distorted or exaggerated to good effect, so you can develop your own style without being too worried about actual bone...

Continue To Layer The Skin Tones And Shadows

Long Hair Coloured Pencil

Deepen the skin tone around the eyes with Henna. Add this color into the corner membranes. Notice the ridge of reflected light above the eyelid crease of the right eye. With Seashell Pink, add a slight shadow to the eyeball in the corners. Also add it below the eye on the left to enhance the look of roundness. 3DEEPENTHESKINTONES,ADDTHE EYEBROWS AND LASHES Continue to build the color of the skin tone. Use quick strokes with Black to create the eyebrows and eyelashes, tapering the pencil stroke...

Alvaro Castagnet Workshop

Alvaro Castagnet

For some years now I have taught in Australia touring different states and cities. On one occasion I was in Melbourne and the organizer of the workshop hosted a party for me to which he invited all the top artists in the Melbourne area. It was a great evening and there was a tremendous sense of camaraderie. I soon became aware that I had been introduced to a nucleus of world-class watercolorists. In my travels around the world I haven't before encountered so much talent in one small area. David...

Foreshortening and Perspective

Foreshortened Figures

THE drawing opposite by Jean-Baptiste Greuze is a good example of fore-shortening and on page 43 I have posed a model somewhat similarly, but in about as difficult a pose as you could imagine. Almost every part of her is foreshortened or distorted in some way. This is done to show you one of those occasions when your brain and your eye have a head-on clash. Your mind, with its knowledge of what happens when the model stands up and the foreshortening disappears, confuses your eye, which is only...

Drawing Buildings

Perspective Drawing

Distortion due to excessively close vanishing points is a common error because close vanishing points in general are easier to handle than distant ones. So don't let laziness trap you. But also avoid the opposite extreme. Placing vanishing points too far apart is also wrong because it results in minimal convergence and hence a sense of flatness. Such is the case in the drawing above right . The flatness is the result either of viewing the subject from too great a distance, or of limiting the...

A Palm Frond

How Draw Ellipse Shape

In this section, you can see four different approaches to drawing a portion of the palm frond. These are only a few of the many ways that you can approach this subject using line drawing. Notice how each of the examples creates an entirely different effect from the others. This drawing was made with a thin, black ball-point pen. There was a conscious effort to keep the pen on the paper, with one unbroken uniform line, while drawing each individual palm frond. The pattern of positive and...

Drawing Dogs

Tiger Anatomy Drawing

Here is the hunting animal on the job with tail cocked, nose alert for scents, muscles tensed for constant action. The artist began by completely drawing in the dog's outline and indicating its more important muscle, tendon, and bone structures in the torso and legs. At this stage, he was most concerned with getting the animal's shape, proportions, and attitude as correct as possible. 2. Here, the artist was concerned with values. Since this is a short-haired dog, the values will be closely...

Adding Fauna in the Flora

Painting Forest Scenes

For a nice final touch, we'll add just a little bit of animal life to the painting. In this case, a small red bird would complement the color scheme nicely. We won't use any tricks with layers, special brushes, or image effects to add the bird. We'll simply create a new layer and paint the animal Figure 4.36 . Figure 4.36 A small red bird is painted on a new layer to add a bit of life to the forest scene. Figure 4.36 A small red bird is painted on a new layer...

The Frontal View of a Figure

Body Contours Logo

To draw the nude from the front implies personalizing it, transforming it into a particular person rather than a generic model. Thus, this type of pose more closely resembles the idea of a portrait. Although the purpose may not be to make a portrait, the frontal view of a nude forces the artist to pay serious consideration to the face, and this means endowing it with expression. The figure in frontal view requires a more personalized treatment of the face and a sketchier rendition of the rest...

Descriptive Contours

Seated Ami Reclining

Descriptive lines are those whose only goal and function is to describe the profile of forms and their volumes.These lines are responsible for the stylization of the forms that we have previously discovered, and they reflect the artist's personal vision and stylistic essence. Descriptive contour develops an authentic creation and organization of anatomical form. When drawing modulated lines, not just any stroke will do. The five lines below left represent the most common strokes used by novice...

One Stroke Painting Animals

One Stroke Facepainting

I I ytt iC nS8 o lt v. ejrten tWduvIfJif gt t rkr mer o the 4 l n gt .kv lt n c th lt hr ir to mit hc ri gt 4 lt ir .J gt ulr ooe J lt o tfce iSSmi. j J Hm lit r v hni k to -n .'bel 7 truth cocagtocS . f .1 - n. lt th.- S n- o. d Jsrr. Kl tir bru. to X cfcipd o3 . S l c rdfl lt i ihr rt hr lt 4 ehr nMnci. Corciuic w h th to uutc m r cutit trt tSr niShc . 7 truth cocagtocS . f .1 - n. lt th.- S n- o. d Jsrr. Kl tir bru. to X cfcipd o3 . S l c rdfl lt i ihr rt hr lt 4 ehr nMnci. Corciuic w h th...

Human Child Body

Child Body Drawing

A baby's body features very rounded forms that show the folds of every joint. A child's head begins with two ovals, one for the upper skull, and another for the jaw and cheeks. As the child's body develops, the middle of the body descends. The middle of a baby's body is located at the navel, whereas the middle of a twelve-year-old's body is slightly above the pubic area. As the child's body develops, the middle of the body descends. The middle of a baby's body is located at the navel, whereas...

How To Paint A Rose

One Stroke Painting Projects

I really don't know wlrere Co start my story, so I guess I'll Hit tell you a It lit about my life. My husband and I have set en children we consider them our best contribution to the world, and we tore them dearly. Tlrey are each unique in their thoughts and actions, and each brings Sometlring special to our family as a whole. I often feel they are tire inspiration for my painting. fire field of decora I we painting is very similar to my family. Each painter has his or her own unique vision,...

Drawing A Tree Without Foliage

Skinny Ballerina Drawing

Walking in a woods or forest during late fall and winter is a treat because it allows you to study the trees without their foliage. It is like being in a life drawing class all these wonderful shapes just waiting for your sketchbook. Start by noticing the overall shape, both up close and from a distance. Notice how branches grow from the trunk and how they taper and get thinner toward the ends. Each new growth is in unison unless it has been disturbed by any number of elements. Each tree is a...

To Most Of Us Watercolor Is A Psychological Struggle With Ourselves Just Getting The Materials Out And Starting

Alvaro Castagnet Australlia Country Side

As you take this book off the shelf and quickly flip through the pages, you'll instantly get an overall feeling of freshness, vitality, movement and sparkle. This impression reaches you even before you begin to study the indi idual paintings themselves. I have written many books in the past about various outstanding artists, but the initial feeling of excitement I got when I first viewed David Taylor's watercolors en masse gave me a very strong desire to write this book about him and his work....


Art Therapy Pitr Person The Rain

Just as art projective assessments offer the clinician guidance for treatment planning, directives provide a framework for the therapeutic hour. Throughout the first part of this book the great majority of drawings resulted from directives. These directives were not offered haphazardly but were designed around the client's maturation process. Based upon Erikson's premise that emerging conflict must be mastered in order to prepare the individual for future growth and integrity, the use of...

Refining the Portrait

Toning The Canvas For Portrait Painting

The block-in is a relatively easy phase of the painting process that quickly sets the tone for the painting. Most of the work is just beginning. The finish takes those early building blocks and refines them. Most of the painting is going to be done with Impasto brushes. You can find all the brushes used in the painting in the Chapter 1 brush library. There are a few things you should be aware of as you paint using Impasto brushes You can turn the Impasto effect on and off to view the painting...

Making ocean Waves

Parts Ocean Wave

A wave is a complete circle of water. Only half of it appears above the horizon the other half is underwater. The top or crest is what you see as the highest point. The center is the eye and appears as the lightest area where the sun shines through. The white stuff you see when the wave crashes on the shore is foam. Foam can be a line or a pattern of white that allows the water's darker color to show through in a calm wave. A wave and its parts are shown in Figure 11-3. Waves are generally...

About Walter Foster

Painting Different Cloud Formations

Walter Foster was born in Woodland Park, Colorado, in 1891. In his younger years, he worked as a sign painter and a hog salesman. He also performed in a singing and drawing vaudeville act. Walter invented the first postage stamp vending machine and drew political caricatures for several large newspapers. He's well known as an accomplished artist, art instructor, and art collector. In the 1920s, while running his own advertising agency, Walter began writing self-help art instruction books. The...

Build The Water And Begin Drawing The Duck

Color Pencil Art Refelcted Water

Identify the ripples of the water and draw them in with Black. Begin filling in the water with Grass Green. Leave the area directly behind, below and in front of the duck the white of the paper. Add NonPhoto Blue into the duck's wake. Use Greyed Lavender to create the form of the duck. Make sure not to pull the Greyed Lavender all the way out to the edges where the reflected light shines. Base in the bill of the duck with Canary Yellow. Apply Orange over it, allowing the reflected light to...

Angle Of Palm Elevation

Hands Painting

When the palm bends upward at the wrist with fingers ex ended, as shown in the upper sketch, the line of elevation from the horizontal arm will rise to an angle of 45 to 50 degrees. The vertical arrow indicates the point of direction change. Yet when the fingers close or are tightly clenched, the angle of elevation from wrist to metacarpals is not affected. Note the correspondence of angles in lower and upper drawings. The reason the palm will no change its angle of elevation, whether the...

Head Tilts and Turns

Drawing Female From Behind

What gives our modern leading man his sleek look Primarily, it's the contour line that flows from the zygomatic arch the cheekbone just behind the eye down to the chin. This creates a separate plane out of the front of the face, narrowing almost to a triangle. You can see this separate, but distinct, plane in every pose, no matter which way the head tilts. Ever wonder why all the guidelines drawn on the face are curved instead of straight It's because the head is round, not flat. Think of the...

Aircraft Drawings

Air Force Aircrafts Sketch

A B-17G-15-B0 with representative 8th Air Force markings. Triangle A identifies the 91st Bomb Group, LG identifies the 322nd Bomb Squadron and R identifies the individual airplane in the group. Note the name Chow Hound, and cartoon on the nose and the row of painted bombs indicating nine bombing missions. mance and versatility so impressed the Japanese that they were described as four-engine fighters used for all purposes. The lessons of the European war came together in the first of 512...

Airplane Coloring

Most military airplanes were not camouflaged after the end of WW I, but, as WW II approached, war paint gradually came back into use in England and Germany in 1937 in France in 1939 in the U.S. Army in 1940 and in the U.S. Navy in 1941. In general, European airplanes used a combination of several earth tones on the top and sides, and a light shade, such as sky blue, The enormously complex subject of WW II markings and insignia fills many books. The best that can be done to address the subject...

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