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Basic Drawing for Games

Lay the foundation for your career in game development. Learning to draw well is crucial to the development of the game artist. Basic Drawing for Games teaches fundamental drawing skills and principles as they relate to game development. Beginning with basic drawing techniques and concepts, the book moves on to focus on the areas that are critical for beginning artists to understand when approaching art for games. Learn everything from how to properly hold and use a pencil and how to add imagination to your drawings, to more game-specific skills like character design and storyboarding. Step-by-step projects reinforce each skill and allow you to apply them to game development scenarios. Get started on the path to becoming a great game artist!

Beginning Illustration and Storyboarding for Games

You are about to embark on a journey that will travel into the heart and foundation of game creation— concept art. Creating concept art for games is unlike working with any other type of art. In a game, you are creating a self-contained world in which characters can interact with each other to carry out actions. As a concept artist, you supply the vision for the game and give direction to the development team. Beginning Illustration and Storyboarding for Games takes a basic look at the steps involved in creating game concept art. You will not need any game art development experience to begin your journey. Follow along as you work your way through several step-by-step examples that are designed to help you understand how game concept art is created. Get ready to set your vision into motion!

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How To Become A Professional Pencil Drawing Artist

How To Become A Professional Pencil Drawing Artist

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