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When faced with a white sheet of paper that is supposed to become a figure drawing, one of the first questions an artist must answer is what pose the figure should be in. This is true whether the drawing is a commissioned portrait or a simple figure study.

Many elements go into determining the pose for a drawing, but they all begin with the purpose of the drawing. Maybe the drawing is commissioned to illustrate a story. The artist has to visualize the story and think of how the people in it will interact with each other. The characters in the story have to be envisioned. The situations need to be explored. The mood of the story should also be taken into consideration. For example, the story might begin with a woman waiting for a friend to arrive. Figure 5.2 shows a female figure dressed in casual clothing, with an attitude of waiting for something or someone.

Using Figure Artist as a tool, the artist has the ability to explore a number of visual options in detail before embarking on the task of creating the drawing. Using Figure Artist, you can explore creative possibilities for posing the figures in your drawings to help give you the information you need to create beautiful works of art without the expense of hiring a model. If you need a model for your work, Figure Artist can help you work out the lighting and poses prior to your model session so there is much less wasted time and less chance of not getting the best pose for your art.

Figure 5.2 The pose is of a girl with the attitude of waiting.

One of the great advantages of a software program such as Figure Artist is that it has almost unlimited possibilities for setting up figures as reference for your drawing. Not only can you pose the figures in Figure Artist in almost any position possible for the human form, you can also change the figures themselves for a huge variety of looks, from fat to thin and from muscular to frail. A variety of costumes and facial expressions for the virtual mannequins are also available. But with all of this freedom there is also a danger because the figure may not look natural or like it fits into its environment.

In a real-world situation, the artist has to follow natural laws, such as gravity. In a virtual situation, the artist has to remember that these laws exist and simulate their effects. If the artist does not plan for the effects of gravity or perspective, then the pose can look odd or even uncomfortable to the viewer. For example, in Figure 5.3 the seated figure is not in the same perspective as the chair, making the pose seem very out of place.

Figure 5.3 Inconsistent perspective makes the scene Figure 5.4 This guy looks like he Is about to fall. uncomfortable.

Figure 5.3 Inconsistent perspective makes the scene Figure 5.4 This guy looks like he Is about to fall. uncomfortable.

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