Using Figure Artist

One of the biggest advantages of using Figure Artist to set up your characters for figure drawing is the fact that the models are detailed. They have all of their fingers and toes, and they are all proportionally correct. In addition, they are accurate for studies of the head or even of individual features, such as the ear or nose. The models might not have every scrap of detail that an actual person does, but they are a great help as reference for construction and lighting. Figure 4.39 shows a close-up of James. As you can see, the construction and placement of the facial features are very accurate.

As the artist, you have complete control over how you use Figure Artist. You can just use it to help you sketch figures, and then later hire a live model, or you can use it as your model for your pictures.

When it comes to learning how to draw the hands, feet, and head, Figure Artist is a great resource because you have at your fingertips an unlimited supply of reference that you can pose and draw. Figure 4.40 shows a close up of Jessi's head. Try drawing her to see how you do with her head.

Hopefully this book has given you a good foundation from which you can build your drawings. You should now be ready to start posing and drawing your own figures from Figure Artist. In the next few chapters, you will be learning how to pose, light, and compose your virtual models.

Figure 4.39 The facial features in Figure Artist are Figure 4.40 Try drawing Jessi's head.

almost lifelike.

Virtual Figure For Artists
Figure 5.1 The figure's emotion is expressed by his stance.

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