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Whether you are drawing with a pencil on a piece of paper or using a digitizing pad and stylus on a computer to create your figure drawing, you are working in what is called a two-dimensional medium. In other words, the drawing sits on a flat surface. This flat surface is called the picture plane. Another way to think of it is that if you were to frame your drawing, the area inside the frame and mat would be the picture plane.

To be good at composing your drawings, you need to take full responsibility for the picture plane. In other words, every square inch of the drawing should be consciously arranged under your direction. I know that might seem obvious because you are drawing the picture, but how many times have you started a drawing only to find that it doesn't fit on the paper?

Compositions can be good or bad. The goal of the artist in creating a good drawing is to make the composition good. For someone new to art, composition might seem like a mystery, but like organizing anything from your taxes to your daily schedule, organizing a picture is understandable if you know a few fundamental principles.

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