Shading a Figure

The figure is basically a solid structure that interacts with light in much the same way as the ball used earlier in this chapter. All of the lighting principles of light side and shadow side are present. There are highlights, raking lights, core shadow, reflected light, and cast shadow. All the artist needs to do is determine where the light source is and how the light is falling on the figure. The figure is first broken into a light side and a dark side. From there, the artist defines the different aspects of lighting and shades the drawing accordingly. Follow along with this exercise to see one way of shading your figure drawings.

To get a good feeling of form and solidity in a figure drawing, the artist must shade the drawing so that the light is clearly defined. A common mistake of the beginner is to have areas in the shadow that are too light and areas in the light that are too dark. When this happens, the drawing will suffer because it will be confusing to the viewer. The light side of the drawings should always be lighter than the shadow side.

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