Posing with Objects

When you are drawing figures, you might want to also add some objects. Figure Artist has a number of simple objects with which you can have your virtual models inter act. These objects are by no means a complete set of objects for anything you might want to do, but they do form a basic set of shapes that you can use. For example, Figure 8.14 is using a box object from the available objects as a prop with the figures.

Figure 8.14 Props can also be added to scenes.

The view of the scene is kind of static because it is taken from the side, but you should be able to see how adding a prop can help with putting a group of figures together. Figure 8.15 shows a more dramatic view of the models pulling and pushing the box.

In this scene there are five figures struggling to move the box. From the amount of effort these guys are putting into it, the box must be very heavy. An aspect of virtual models that works very well is that they can strain at something as hard as you like without ever getting tired. If these guys were real models, fatigue would cause them to only be able to hold a pose like this for a few minutes.

Virtual models might have the drawback of not showing the intense muscle strain of individual muscles, but the models can be set up to show the overall stress put on the body with extreme exertion. From the poses with the box, you can clearly tell that the models are pushing and pulling a heavy object. The hunched stances and off-balanced positions of the three pulling imaginary ropes clearly show their exertion. The two pushing the box show by their posture that they are leaning hard against the back of the box.

With a little work you can have your virtual models interact with props in a very realistic manner. A lot depends on how you set up each pose in relation to the object.

Figure 8.15 Changing the view helps to show dimension of the box.

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