I usually draw all of the construction lines and contour lines for my drawings very lightly, so that they can barely be seen. Because drawings done that lightly are difficult to see when printed in a book, I drew the lines much darker here than normal. The picture used for the remaining steps is different than the one used at the beginning. The construction lines are still there, but they are probably too light to see well. This is so that they don't interfere with the delicate shading of the figure drawing.

When doing your own drawings, remember that you have control over how boldly you lay in your construction lines. Some drawings might look better with the construction lines still showing, while others will look better if the lines are not showing. If you don't want the lines to show, draw very lightly. It is better to draw lightly than to erase because erasing can damage the paper and ruin the drawing.


V ^fe Jm Figure Drawing with Virtual Models

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