Multiple Light Sources

Many times, objects we see in life have more than one light source. This is particularly true of characters or objects that are in interior settings. A single room inside a building might have many lights illuminating a character or object from multiple angles. Each light will have an effect on how the character or object looks. This can often be confusing for the artist who has to track the direction of the lights to understand the angles of the lights. The picture in Figure 7.19 shows the ball with three lights. Notice the multiple cast

Figure 7.19 It can sometimes be confusing to draw an object with multiple light sources.

shadows. The cast shadows are the best clue for determining the number and location of all the lights hitting the object.

Did you realize there was so much involved in the lighting of a simple ball? We see light every day, but unless we are familiar with its nature, we might miss many aspects. Try drawing the ball again, and this time use what you have just learned about light to define the lighting of the ball. Compare your drawings. Was your second drawing a better depiction of the ball?

We are not done yet. There is still a lot more to learn about light.

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