Moving the Point of View

Not only can the pose be dynamic, but the view can be as well. A static view from the side, such as the one shown in Figure 8.8, might not always be the best view of dynamic action. Although the action lines may be strong, the picture can look less dramatic because it is viewed from a perpendicular angle. Poses tend to look more dynamic if the view is at an angle other than a flat view of the action. Although it is not as noticeable in single-character pictures, this becomes very evident in pictures in which there are two or more characters.

A view in Figure Artist is associated with a camera. By moving the camera, you are moving your point of view. Take a look at Figure 8.10. The only thing that has changed is your point of view.

In Figure 8.10, the action is heading more toward us, making the picture more dramatic. Notice that as you turn the scene, the figures start to overlap each other. The diagonal lines in the scene also become more dramatic. This view of the scene has a lot more drama than the one shown in Figure 8.9, without changing the poses of either model.

You should never accept the first view you come up with of a scene. Always explore different angles to see whether you might find a better view. Figure 8.11 shows the scene from the back of the punching model. Although it has the same (if not stronger) diagonal lines as Figure 8.10, it doesn't have as much drama because the action is going away from the viewer.

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Figure 8.10 Change your point of view to increase Figure 8.11 Receding action is not as dramatic as drama. approaching action.

Figure Artist has no restrictions as to the angles from which you can view your poses. You can even become creative and view the action from a sky shot, as shown in Figure 8.12, or you can look at the action from below, as shown in Figure 8.13.

Moving your models around can give you a better view, and it can also give you an opportunity to view your pose from other angles to see whether it looks right. The virtual models simulate a real 3D

environment. A pose that might look right from one angle often doesn't look as good from another unless you pose your model and look at it from multiple angles.

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Figure 8.12 You can view the scene from up top. Figure 8.13 You can also view the scene from down below.

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