Eight Heads High

Once things feel right, you can move forward with blocking in your figures, as shown in Figure 1.18.

Eight Heads High Figure
Figure 1.18 Now block in your figures.

An eight-heads-high figure might be the ideal height, but in some cases it might not be ideal enough. Fashion drawings, for example, may use a character that is closer to eight-and-a-half heads high, and if you are doing a superhuman figure, such as in a comic book, the figure might even be nine heads high. Figure 1.19 shows the fashion and heroic proportions next to the ideal figure. Notice the different feeling that each has.

You are in charge of your drawings. Once you know the basic proportions of the human figure, you can adjust the proportions to get the look you want.

This chapter has only touched briefly on some of the important aspects of figure drawing. I hope you have had a chance to pull out the Figure Artist CD and experiment with it a little. In the next chapter, we will cover figure anatomy and construction.

Nude Body Types
Figure 1.19 Changing the number of heads-high a figure is changes the feeling of the figure.

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