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Facial expressions play a big role in portraying emotion. Often we wear our emotions in our countenance. Sometimes it is pronounced, as in the case of anger, whereas other times it is subtler, as in confusion or daydreaming.

One big advantage of Figure Artist as a reference for your drawings is that you can pose the figure's face.

Facial expressions can have a huge impact on your drawings. Figures 5.27 and 5.28 show a few examples of facial expressions. Figure 5.27 shows an example of three different emotions. Drawings of each emotion are just below the poses.

When a person is angry, he or she often displays a lot of tension around the top of the bridge of the nose. Eyebrows tend to pull toward the center of the face, as does the mouth. Fear is kind of the opposite—the eyebrows pull away from the center of the face and are lifted. The eyes are open, as is the mouth. With a worried look you are kind of between anger and fear in facial expression. Notice that the expression is more subtle, with just a slightly pinched look to it.

Figure 5.28 shows a few more emotions. Try drawing these and see whether you can capture the feeling of each pose.

Figure 5.27 The face can have many emotions.
Figure 5.28 Try drawing these emotions.

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