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Exploring dynamic poses for figure reference can be a freeing experience for the artist who has only had sedate figures from which to draw. When you think of all the possibilities available through a tool such as Figure Artist, you will quickly notice that many of the limitations of live models are eliminated or reduced.

Figure Artist is not and should not be a replacement for studying the live figure, but it is a great tool for an artist to use in planning, developing, and creating figurative art. It is a tool that can expand the artist's vision and increase the artist's knowledge of the figure. Used properly, Figure Artist can become a valuable ally in the struggle to understand one of the most complex and difficult subjects in art, the human figure.

As you read this book, I hope that you took the opportunity to explore some of the vast possibilities presented by the virtual model.

This book is just the launching pad for all of the creative development possible using a virtual model for drawing reference. I, for one, look forward to the impact that a tool such as Figure Artist will have on figurative art in the future. I believe that its impact will be felt as artists use it to gain a better understanding of the human form in 3D space. I wish you luck in your study of figurative art, and I hope that this book has helped you in your journey.

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