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1/ In two-point perspective the drawing theory is very much the same. The difference is that the box or cube is set in a different orientation to the picture plane - instead of drawing a square in a facing position or running parallel to the picture plane, as we did in step one for the one point perspective drawing. We instead draw a vertical line just to the left or right of centre.

2/ Now put in the horizon line that, for the sake of this example, makes this line cut through the vertical line just above half way, and it should travel from one end of the paper to the other. For other practice examples, you can be diverse as to where you put the horizon line to experience the dynamics of perspective space. 3/ Place two vanishing points on this line one at one edge of the paper and the other at the other edge of the paper.

4/ As with step four of the one point perspective now draw a line from the top and the bottom of the vertical to the vanishing points on both sides. Again accuracy is paramount in this type of drawing.

5/ You need now to visually place the back ends of the box in. Do this by placing a vertical line on one side of the original vertical so as it fits between the converging

One Line Perspective BoxTechnique Draw Perspective Drawing

lines and it gives the appearance of being box shaped. Then repeat the process on the other side of the original vertical. You will now have created a box in a twisted orientation using two-point perspective.

6/ As with the one-point perspective we need to create the illusion of the back of the box. To do this draw two lines from the far left hand vertical to the vanishing point on the right-hand side this is shown as a dotted line in the example.

7/ Now do the same from the vertical line on the right hand side. Draw two lines from the top and bottom of this vertical that will extend back to the vanishing point on the left hand side.

8/ Finally, to finish off this drawing, all you need to do is to draw a vertical line between the two points at which they cross at the back of the box.

It is possible, using the same process but changing the vanishing points, to create many boxes in different orientations on the same picture. This process described here has also been used in the observed perspective drawing, but the vanishing points and horizon line or eye level is found through calculation from our observation.

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