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Bleach wash drawings Some very interesting results can be achieved by using fountain pen ink. You must first stretch the paper on which you are about to do the drawing, then cover the whole surface with a liberal coating of ink. Allow this to dry. You can now paint different solutions of bleach onto this surface. An important point to remember is that the stronger the bleach the lighter the areas will become. Before embarking on this technique, you should make some practice drawings to experience the unusual effect first-hand. For examples of this type of drawing, see page 199. WARNING: Please remember the health and safety aspects when using chemicals: always read and follow the guidelines for use.

Pen, brush and ink drawings For this type of drawing you should first draw the composition out very lightly with pencil. Make the appropriate marks to describe the scene and then correct any mistakes. If you are happy with this initial drawing, go over these marks using your dip pen. Always try to recreate the varied use of mark already there, then proceed to go over the drawing with washes to give it its tonal base.

Pen, ink, brush and correction materials As in the previous section we are going to use correction materials as a positive element alongside the other materials.

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