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1/ Transfer the basic sketch to an A1 piece of paper. We have established the basic composition, and the space of that composition is well organised on the piece of paper.

2/ Take pieces of your frottage and establish where you would like to use them on your drawing.

3/ Always start at the what appears to be the furthest point away in the picture when you decide to stick down your first pieces of frottage. This is usually the horizon or somewhere in the sky. For sticking, I would recommend any type of paper glue.

4/ Start to stick down the textures you have cut or torn to an appropriate shape that will roughly fit the background shape in your drawing.

5/ Once you have layered on the background you can move forward to work on the middle ground. It now becomes obvious why we work from the back to the front in this drawing as it makes covering up mistakes easier.

6/ When you have completed the middle ground you can now move on to the foreground and finish the drawing. Putting any final changes to it that you might deem necessary.

Frottage Drawing Still LifeWhat Frottage

It is always worth spending some time putting in final changes to a frottage composition. Although working from the back to the front of the drawing makes it possible to rectify mistakes as the composition develops, it is the finishing touches that really create a picture to be proud of.

Drawing Frottage Realistic

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