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On this page you will notice a series of doodles with the ballpoint pen. Starting in the top left hand corner I will describe the top line of marks, and explain the type of marks. However, bear in mind that many drawings done with this type of pen are from the subconscious mind and are really scribbles that are made whilst we should be focusing our attention elsewhere. We usually do these drawings in boring meetings or on the phone pad when we are having a long conversation with someone.

The first mark is a circular scribbled line that proceeds down. The second doodle is a gestural line drawing of a head. Next to that are a series of small vertical lines, with a series of horizontal lines crossing them. Then next to that is an unbroken line that moves sideways across the paper getting lighter as it reaches the other end. Then there is a strange little star with feet followed by two forms drawn with line and then a squiggly line drawn down one side to suggest tone. That is what happens on the top line of this sheet. There are no hard and fast rules that apply to making doodles - you just do them and enjoy doing them. Ever since man has made his mark on the cave wall or in the earth we have instinctively jotted things down whether representational or not. This is just the modern day equivalent of that need to make a mark, and a lot can be gained from it that does not have preciousness to it and sometimes does not have meaning to it. See it as a natural experience that comes from the instinctive act of drawing.

Ballpoint Pen Mouth Drawing

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