Textural Landscape Drawing

After completing your many studies from nature, you should be able to now move out into the landscape and make a more comprehensive study of the subject. As with the other drawings you first need to establish your composition - do this using your viewfinder or window mount. Draw in lightly the outline of the composition. Once you are happy with the structure of the drawing you can now go over it with conte crayon. Now you need to place in the texture. Here is an explanation of the type of textures that we have encountered in this drawing:

1/ A series of oblong shapes with some indication of shaded texture to give the implied texture of stone.

2/ The roof tiles on the side of the house are layered over each other, with the underside of the tiles being drawn in slightly dark, and heavier than the top of the tiles this gives the impression of the shadow being cast by the tiles. This in turn brings a three dimensional quality to the drawing as well as a sense of the texture. Also in figure 2 we can see the brick is

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