Shapes And Form

In this next section we are going to look at shape and turning shape into form.

The definition of shape is that it has perimeter and lies flat upon the picture plane unless we relate it to other shapes which can then imply space. It is a very useful exercise to practise drawing shapes -squares, circles, triangles, rectangles and any type of organic shape. It is also useful to practise turning shapes into illusions of form; for example, making a circle into a sphere, a triangle into a cone, an oblong into a cylinder. These exercises are essential for the beginner.

Next we are going to draw shapes - shapes that will imply meaning in a non-representational way and will create tension on the surface of the paper. The shape contains the essence of any composition - a combination of harmony, balance, rhythm, movement and spatial implications. These are the basic components that hold a drawing together and the dynamics that a composition needs to express an idea. The interrelationships between them are key to the making of a successful drawing. In the sketches that follow we will be playing with these interrelationships.

Sunflowers Drawings Oval

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