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Other types of pencil are available to us as well as those described above, and these offer even more opportunities for experimentation and discovery. You will find all of the types recommended below in any good art supply shop.

Peel-back pencil - graphite encased, or coiled, in twists of paper which are peeled back to reveal the graphite. Propelling pencil - comes in a variety of mechanisms which reveal the point of the graphite.

Clutch pencil - provides a very soft point (fine or thick) for sketching. Standard thick black pencil, known for many years as Black Beauty.

Triangular carpenter's pencil - used by joiners and builders to mark measurements, make notes and sketch rough ideas.

Graphite pencil or stick. The pencil type is solid graphite of about the same thickness as an ordinary pencil. The thin film coating on the outside edge peels back to reveal the graphite. The stick is a much thicker piece of graphite which, like a pastel, has a simple paper covering that can be removed as necessary. It is a very versatile fine art drawing implement.

Aqua sketching pencil - these work like a pencil but can be used like watercolour washes when exposed to water.

Peel-back, pencil

Clutch pencil

Clutch pencil

Standard thick black pencil

Standard thick black pencil

Triangular carpenter's pencil

Graphite pencil or stick.

Aqua sketching pencil 14

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