Onepoint Perspective

These are the basic rules that govern a one-point perspective drawing, and it is worth remembering that all lines that do not appertain to the horizontal or the vertical axis will go back to or terminate at the perspectival point that as been set up in this drawing.

1/ Draw a square on your piece of paper just to the left or the right of the centre of your piece of paper. Make sure that this square runs parallel to the edges of the paper.

2/ Now draw a horizontal line across the piece of paper that travels through the square. This will be referred to as the horizon line, and in drawings from observation it can be referred to as your eye level.

3/ Put a dot on the horizon line that sits on the other side of the paper to the square you have just drawn. This is now known as the vanishing point.

4/ From the nearest top and bottom side of the square draw two straight lines that converge to the vanishing point. It is important that extreme accuracy be observed in drawings of this type, as any slight mistakes can lead to distortion in the drawings. Therefore, I would advise that beginners use a ruler for this part of the operation.

Now do the same from the top and bottom of the far end of the square. You will now have a drawing that resembles the example at the bottom of the page.

5/ The next step is to place the back end of the box in. Do this by drawing in a vertical between the set of converging lines that we established in step 4. You need to place the line purely visually to make the illusion of the box. Place the line too far away and you produce an oblong lying down, and place the line to close and you produce an oblong

Boxes One Point PerspectiveOne Point Perspective Technique

standing up. So try to place the line so it makes the illusion of a cube.

6/ Now draw two horizontal lines from the top and the bottom of this vertical line that you have established as the back of the box so as they join up with the two converging lines that run from the other side of the box to the vanishing point.

7/ Now draw your final vertical line to establish the complete box in a one-point perspective.

Onepoint Perspective KitchenOne Point Perspective Geometric
Other examples of one-point perspective.

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