In this next series of drawings, the medium of charcoal will be used to show an expression of movement.

1a/1b Place a number of drawings of different poses one over the other as seen in the illustration. Pose the model; make the drawing of the model using outline as previously suggested. Pose the model again and make a further drawing over the first drawing, and repeat this process again. On the third drawing you will start to become lost and a sense of confusion will be what you are feeling. This is a sensation that we want to create, as it is only when you are lost that the

Figure Drawing Techniques

drawing can be found. This is a very useful drawing for students as it helps to develop an abstract sensibility. What we have created here for the artist is a very important state of mind, as you can now develop the drawing's potential as an abstract piece. One way of doing this is to take a small window mount and start to place it over areas of the drawing. You will find that interesting developments appear for you to make larger drawings from.

1874 Drawing

1c/ As with the first drawing on movement, take a window mount and place it over the drawing to create new dynamic abstract compositions. From these discoveries you can make larger exciting drawings.

Movement Drawing

2/ Instruct the model to move through a series of actions, for instance walking then bending. While you are doing the drawing, the model should repeat these movements at the same pace. Start your first drawing at a very slow pace. As you get used to the method of drawing, you can then speed up. Remember you are not drawing the model but the action. What you are trying to draw, using line, is a continuous flow that gives a sense of the action of the model as they move through space and time. The best type of line to use for this is what artists call 'continuous line'. This in effect means that you do not take the charcoal off the paper as you are making the drawing. However, you should allow for different weights of mark that express movement both across and into the picture plane.

Drawing Human Movement

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