Linear Shading Techniques Using Willow Charcoal

1 - 6 Show a series of techniques on how to build up crosshatching to create shading, and in turn, these techniques are used to create the illusion of form.

1/ Diagonal parallel lines created by using the side of the charcoal. See holding the charcoal.

2/ Diagonal lines in parallel directions. One set in one direction and the other set layered over the top going in the other direction.

3/ Vertical parallel lines.

4/ Vertical parallel lines over layered by horizontal parallel lines.

5/ Section 2 over-layered by section 3 shows a build up of tone.

6/ Section 2 over-layered with section 4 creates a much darker controlled tone.

7 - 8 this is called bracelet shading and is used to create the illusion of form.

7/ Bracelet shading to give the illusion of a sphere.

8/ Crosshatch bracelet shading - this type of shading was used by many artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo to draw the human from.

Michael Angelo Tonal Drawings TechniquesShading Techniques Buildings
Keep practising these techniques - they are a vital component of many charcoal compositions.
Charcoal Shading
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