Isometric Or Parallel Projections

To help engineers, architects and designers give a fuller three-dimensional understanding and impression of their ideas and finished works, other methods of drawing were developed from orthographic projection. First came the isometric projection process, introduced by an English contemporary of Monge, Sir William Farish, which enabled all the faces of the front, side and plan to be joined together.

Using a specific angle from the 90 degrees angle creates these drawing systems. For instance, an isometric projection is always conceived by using an angle of 30 degrees as shown in the systematic series of examples on page 57. You can see in this example we have created a chair by creating it in an Isometric projection. There is also a simple example of an isometric projection shown on the right. In this example, you can see how a block has been cut had a segment removed. One can quite clearly see that all the angles for this drawing are based on 30 degrees of a 90 degrees angle. Drawings based on this system were used in the aircraft industry to assemble aircraft, and they are used by interior and theatre designers as finished working drawings that the makers would work from.

1/ Create two ninety-degree angles.

2/ From those ninety angles create two thirty degree angles.

3/ Using the same vertical create another two ninety degree angles.

4/ Now create two more thirty-degree angles, and then place two between these angles to create what appears to be the side edges of a rectangular box.

5/ At the two top corners of this rectangle create two more ninety-degree angles, and from those two angles create two thirty degree angles that will converge and meet creating the top of the rectangle.

6/ One can now fill in the back of the box consistently using a thirty degree angle as seen with the dotted lines in this example. One can also now use this rectangle or crate to plot an object within this projection system.

Projection System DrawingIsometric Projection Examples

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