Each head proportion relates to a specific part of the body:

A. top of head to bottom of chin

B. bottom of chin to nipple

C. nipple to navel/stomach

D. navel/stomach to groin

E. groin to mid-thigh

F. mid-thigh to knee

G. knee to calf

H. calf to toe l until the top of

Sight Size Drawing Instruction

the figure, using the head proportion as your gauge. It is important to remember always to measure only on the horizontal or vertical axis - if you measure at an angle you will get distortions - and always measure with your arm straight out in front of you and from the same position to maintain consistency.

5/ Once you have your vertical and horizontal proportions, you can now transfer this information to your paper. If you wish, you can make what is called a 'sight size' drawing by using the exact measurements you have assessed. This does, however, usually turn out to be a very small, tight drawing, and is not advisable unless you are very experienced. The other way is to make a scaled drawing relative to your proportions; for example, if your original head proportion was one inch in height, you could double it when you came to transfer each measurement to your drawing.

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Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

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