For the examples of splatter technique shown on the opposite page, I used round head brushes; Oriental brushes are also suitable. We can see that control in making the mark has been removed, so what you end up with is largely dependant on chance. The accident in making art has been positively used by many, or even most, artists in their work, particularly contemporary artists. We have only to look at the work of Jackson Pollock and other abstract expressionists, the drawings of Ralph Steadman, Richard Diebenkorn and, in the past, Rembrandt, Delacroix and Leonardo da Vinci to find examples of this approach.

To make a splatter simply load the brush with ink, and throw the loaded brush at the paper. You can use any ink. When you first attempt the technique, the splatters should be random. However, like Jackson Pollock, once you become experienced, you can start to use it with more direction.

The idea behind the splatter technique is that it breaks down the artist's preconceived notion of what a drawing is and how it can be done. You should find that it puts you more in tune with the emotional side of your creative nature, and helps you to expand your ability to discover how accident can be a means of expressing an idea or observation. Imagine looking into the sky at a cloud formation and seeing something that you recognise as an image. This is a perfect analogy of splatter technique.

Examples of splatter technique.

Examples of splatter technique.

Examples Splatter Painting Techniques

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