Four Ways Of Holding The Charcoal

1/2/ This demonstrates the two ways that are mostly preferred for sketching with charcoal.

3/ Making a mark using the charcoal as demonstrated in number 3 we can make a very sharp cutting line. A line that feels as though it has been incised on the paper. We do this by taking a piece of charcoal that is about 2" long and place it flat on the paper. Holding it between your thumb and fingers pull the charcoal a long the paper support whilst applying pressure. You see that this mark has a character of its own.

4/ Matisse - when in later life he had difficulty holding charcoal he would tape scene painters charcoal to a stick and make rather large drawings. This drawing would be completed quite a distance from the support so the drawing had a beautiful simplistic quality to it with broad sweeping lines.

Charcoal Drawing TechniquesMatisse Charcoal DrawingsHand Holding Charcoal Stick
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