Fibre Tip Pens

There is a vast array of pens that can be used for many different reasons by artists. Fibre tip pens come in many different thickness' and different tip shapes. The fibre tip pen is a very direct medium and they are designed to make very general quick but accurate drawings that are free flowing. It is difficult to correct fibre tipped drawings so mistakes should be taken as a part of the process with this type of drawing. The tip of this type of pen can become worn quite quickly and the sharpness of the mark can be lost. These pens are best used on strong coated papers i.e. Bristol board. See the example of an artist's impression drawing done with a fibre tip pen. These drawings are usually produced to give an impression to a client of a proposed site, and are usually completed with a hint of colour. One can get fibre tip pens in many colours.

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    Are fibre tip pens good for drawing?
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