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Start this drawing by drawing the composition first with pencil. That way, if you make any mistakes you can rectify them by rubbing them out. To establish the composition or the drawing on the paper, use your previous learning. For example, use the window mount to help you frame your picture. As you look through the window on the world move it about to establish a composition that you are happy with. Then draw what you see through the window on to your paper, placing and mapping the objects in the scene relative to the proportions of the paper. The drawing on the paper should mirror exactly what is seen through the window mount but on a lager scale (see the example of the rough pencil sketch).

Now you have established your composition you can begin to draw over the pencil lines with a felt tip pen that is best for making lines. With this pen one can also imply the idea of texture, as shown in the drawing on the doors of the warehouses. One can also make tonal areas with this pen. In the drawing I have made tone by using a series of parallel diagonal lines at the foot of the buildings to give a transparent impression of glass or shop fronts. To give a sense of the windy weather I have drawn the clouds with a rhythmical squiggly line that gives the impression of movement across the sky. Plus the drawn line which implies the telegraph wires has been

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drawn as though it too is being rattled by a gusting wind. This line too is rhythmical, but it has a different tension to it than the lines that denote the clouds. The railings are drawn by one long horizontal line for the top and a series of small vertical lines spaced evenly.

The sea wall is indicated by drawing a series of irregular squares and oblongs that express a brick pattern. To draw in the windows I have used a felt tip pen that has a square chiselled end to it, and it is the right proportion to make just the scale of mark that I need to put in the widow tone. Where there are four window panes I have made four marks with this pen leaving a slight gap between the marks to indicate the window

Manga Window Pane

frame, and similar with the other windows. In the foreground I have used a much thicker pen to make bolder and stronger marks so they appear to come forward in the picture space. Some of these marks are very regular and follow the form of the boats to give the impression of the wooden planking that the boats are made of. Other marks are more free-

flowing to give the impression of the sea lapping up to the shore, and other areas are made up of dots to give the impression of the beach or the shore. The windows on one of the boats have been drawn by toning them in and just leaving a few white spaces to give the idea of reflection.

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