Most erasers that are used for charcoal can also be used for graphite. However there are particular erasers that are more appropriate for charcoal mediums. A putty rubber is a very good example, as it seems to soak up the charcoal from the surface of the paper, and it can be kneaded into different shapes to erase in particular ways that enhance the drawing. There are other erasers that also work well with charcoal.

A length of cloth can be used to remove charcoal from the surface of the support. This is achieved by beating the cloth over the area you wish to remove. It will not however completely remove the charcoal surface, but it will leave the ghost of the drawing. This can be a useful as when you redraw it stops you making the same mistakes over again. One can also use bread to remove charcoal from the surface of the support, and also sandpaper. Compressed charcoal and conte crayon are much more stubborn marks to remove so my advice is to use a good quality plastic eraser. Marks or areas made by wax crayons can be removed by solvents or scratching at the surface with a razor blade. Removing wax crayon marks can be difficult.

Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

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