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fig the joint watertight. The side lights are shown as fixed ; the small groove is a precaution to check any water that may gain access through the shrinkage of the rnullion.

An outward-opening casement is shown in Fig 6. This frame has a metal water bar, in addition to the weathering and throating of the sill, to prevent snow drifting in. As French casements are used also as doorways it is advisable to have metal upon the sills to prevent wear of the parts. The transom in this case is made flush with the jambs, and as the fanlight is hung at the top, the bottom opens inwards, consequently rain is liable to be blown in at the joint; this is caught in a large groove sunk in the rebate and conveyed through a " weep pipe " to the throating outside.

The head of this frame is rebated in the same way that Fig. 3 is, but is moulded to match the transom, and in both cases the jambs would be of the same section as the heads.

Shop Fitting's (a draper's counter, page 70).—This example will be found much easier to draw than to construct, and a brief description of the parts will be necessary to the understanding of the drawings. These are necessarily grouped for convenience to suit the size of the page, and should be redrawn with more freedom of space. The plan, Fig. 1. shows the general arrangement; the part to the right of the line A-A is a section through the drawer compartments, and to the left of the line the parts immediately below the top are shown. It will be seen the counter has a narrow return end without drawers, and with a door and lifting flap between it and the main counter. The general disposition of these parts is more graphically shown in the isometric drawing, page 95. Fig. 2 is a reverse or back elevation of the main counter, showing interior fittings. Fig. 3 is a front elevation of the return end, but, apart from the doorway, applies equally to the main counter. Fig. 4 is an enlarged vertical section—broken to avoid reducing the scale of the parts, all the parts not entirely shown being repeats of what is shown—on A-A .showing the method of fit ting the drawers to the case, and the fixing of the top by buttons, which

Front Elevation Design For Shop
Fig. i. Sectional Plan. Fig. 2. Back Elevation. Fig. 3. Front Elevation. Fig. 4. Enlarged Section. Fig, 5. Section of Return. Fig. 6. Section of Division and Runners. Fig. 7. Section through Door

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