The object of this little work is to meet a frequently expressed need for some practical instruction in Builders' Technical Drawing as pursued in the modern Office and Workshop, to bring together in due order the various methods and devices obtaining in the preparation of Working Drawings, and to explain their principles and indicate the suitability or otherwise, for the purpose in view.

Although no attempt has been made to treat the subject exhaustively, sufficient information, it is hoped, has been given to enable the beginner to reach a considerable degree of proficiency without further aid than the numerous examples provided will afford. It is also believed that Teachers of Drawing may find in these examples some useful suggestions for their own demonstrations.

For the sake of completeness, a form of Technical Drawing not usually associated with draughtmen's work, but none the less important—viz. the planning and graphic description of work for the use of artisans in the workshop known collectively as the " Setting-Out" of work—is included and treated with a f ulness not hitherto attempted, and this, it is hoped, will prove of service to foremen and others.

I take this opportunity of acknowledging the assistance of Miss Gertrude Ellis and Mr George Ellis, iun., in arranging and preparing the book for tin press..

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