remaining portion with clear water until the paper is uniformly damp, when the dry margins are covered with paste or glue, then turned over and rubbed down on the board, where they are left until dry, when the paper will shrink, producing a tight and very smooth surface to work upon. Thick papers are better wetted all over, including the margins, before pasting.

Method of Using the Squares — The T-square must be manipulated with the left hand—that is, it is moved up and down the left edge of the board only. If it is used on more than one edge, and the board should happen to be out of square, all the main lines of the drawing would be wrong. All horizontal lines should be drawn by aid of the T-square and all vertical lines with the set square ; this en- Method . of -hawing

, . ti . Parallel I.mes at any sures them being perpendicular to iuc:;nati(m each other. (It may be as well here to point out that, geometrically, there is a difference between a vertical and a perpendicular line, though these terms are often used as if they wen; synommous. A perpendicular line is one at right angles, or " square " to any other line, and obviously may lie in any position on the paper, whilst a vertical lint; is one at right angles to a horizontal or level line and therefore must he always upright.) If the vertical line to be drawn is longer than the set square, move the

T square up or down as required, keeping the linger and thumb of the right hand on the set square, and blade of the

T-square respectively, to prevent lateral movement. Should, however, this occur, the line can be continued unbroken by placing the pencil on t he part already drawn, then moving the set square along until its edge touches the pencil, when the line can he continued.

Inclined Paral'el Lines may be drawn at any distance apart by placing one edge of a set square to the given line, or at any desired inclination (as at a, illustrated above), then

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