the point of the pencil or pen to wear down quickly, and the production of lines of a regular depth or thickness becomes, if not an impossibility, a work of great difficulty. Paper should be purchased from dealers in artists' materials, and, if unobtainable locally, may be ordered by post from well-known houses such as Reeves & Sons, Moorgate Street; Kowney & Son, Oxford Street, w.; Winsor & Newton, Newman Street, w.; B. J. Hall & Co., Victoria Street, s.w.; all of London, who will supply quires of twenty-four sheets or single sheets at slightly increased prices. For advanced work, or important drawings that will have a deal of handling, a superior quality of paper, called hand-made, is advised. These are known by their v arious makers' names, such as Whatmans', Harding's, Ilollingsworth's, Turkey Mill. etc. Hand-made papers are of varying grades, according to their smoothness of surface; those most frequently used are: II.P., " hot-pressed "—the smoothest, best for inked line drawings, but taking colour only moderately well; N., signifying natural grain — not hot-pressed, sometimes described as " Not"—slightly rough surface, the ordinary article for general use; and R. " Rough — good for colouring upon, but practically useless for line or mechanical drawing.

The standard sizes of ilrawing paper most used are: royal, 25 in. X 20 in.; imperial, 30 in. x 22 in., and double elephant, 40 in., x 27 in. Of these the most economical size is " imperial," which may be cut into halves to form half imperial, 22 in. x 15 in., a very convenient size for elementary practice.

Drawing Pencils are made of about twelve degrees of hardness, but practically only four are in general use by architectural draughtsmen and students, indicated by the letters F, H, HP> and B. The choice of these must be left to the individual, as they must be selected according to the " touch " of the draughtsman. Beginners may well st art with II and HB, the first for "pointing off " dimensions, construction lines, etc.; the second for " lining in " or

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