Drawing Instruments and Appliances Fig. i. Battened Drawing Board. Fig. 2. Detail of Working End. Fig. 3. Clamped Board. Fig, 4. Enlarged Detail of Clamp. Fig. 5. A Reversible Board. Fig. 6. A Folding Copyholder. Fig. 7, Plan of Same. Figs. 8 to 20. T-Squares and Details. Figs. 12 and 13. Set Squares. Fig. 14. French Curve. Fig. 15. A Half Set of Compasses. Fig. 16. Bow Compasses. Fig. 17. Spring Bow Pen. Fig. 18. Beam Compasses. Fig. 19. Ruling Pen. Fig. 20. Parallel Rules. Fig. 21. Drawing Pen. Fig. 22. Pin Lifter

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