in elevation it is best to project one piece of moulding complete, then to draw in the four mitres with the 45 ° set square, and to continue the lines around from the intersection of the members with the mitre lines.

The Diminished Stile Sashed Door shown on page 62 is a type commonly used in passages to cut off the service apartments from the dwelling-rooms, in which situation if is oftener hung in a solid frame than in jamb linings, and, as the head is usually cut between, instead of built into, the wall, as in the case of outside frames the tenons are shown haunched back.

This door is not essentially more difficult to draw than the previous examples, if care is exercised in projecting the appropriate details to the side dealt with. It will be seen that the elevation shows on one side the back view and upon the other the front view of the door and frame. The. plan likewise shows in one half a section. above the middle rail, and the other a section below the middle rail. These sections should be copied from the enlarged details, referring to the small scale section to see the arrangement of the parts.

It will be noticed in the enlarged detail of the back rail that the tenons are shown in full line ; this is for clearness. They cannot, of course, be seen on this section and should rightly be dotted lines.

Floors.—-A " single " floor suitable for a small house of the suburban villa type is shown on page 64, and will be found an interesting example in projection. I11 this instance the plan should be drawn first, commencing with the walls, which are one brick or g in. thick; the interior division walls are four and a h;df brickwork set in cement. Place the wall joists about 1J ins. clear of the walls and space out the rest equally. The bridging joists are q in. x 2 J in. The trimming joists which carry the trimmers at. the ends of the openings are half-an-inch thicker than the bridging joists. Note the small trimmer at the head of the staircase; if this were not used the trimming joist would need to be brought forward and so cause an extra bridger to be used throughout. Kn-

Fig. I. Plan of Naked Floor. Fig. 2. Section on A-B. Fig. 3. Section on C-D. Fig. 4. Details of IJreastsummer

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