grooved) ; parting beads, fin.; guard beads, £ in.; meeting rails, in thick ; bevel rebated pocket pieces, if in. wide ; sashes ovolo moulded, f in. x \ in.

Note that the groove in sill for iron water bar is in line with outside lining (this is often wrongly shown in books in the middle of the sill, where it would do more hnrm than good), and that the joint between the plaster and the grounds must be covered about f in. by the architrave, also that the grounds should not be bevelled more than I in., otherwise they cannot be "cramped up" without damage to the edges.

The French casement sections shown in Figs. 3-5, page 68, illustrate the details of construction of this class of window, the frames of which are invariably made " solid " as distinguished from the built-up or " cased " construction of the sash window frame described above.

Fig. 3 is a vertical section (broken) through a large frame., with the casements opening into the room. In such cases it is necessary to fix a "weather board" (IF) right across the outside of the casements to throw the water well off the sill ; the joint at the meeting stiles requires bevelling, as shown in the horizontal section, Fig. 4, so that the casement may open freely ; the joint is made tangent to the circle described by the sash in its path. The ends of the weather board are sometimes sunk I in. into the jamb and mullion, so that water shall not enter there.

The sill in this frame has a tongue (T) worked in the solid, which is cemented into a groove in the stone sill for the purpose of keeping water from passing between them. The transom overhangs the jambs, to throw the water well clear, and a throating sunk beneath intercepts any that may run in under the edge. The fanlight opens inwards and is hung to the transom.

The dotted lines on the casements indicate the tenons which are double, in the meeting stiles, to clear the hook joint shown in Fig. 4. The mullion, on the side towards the central opening, has a \ in. groove sunk in the rebate, into which a cock-bead on the casement stile fits. This renders

Sash Window Transom Details
Windows—Sash and Casement Details

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