Methods Of Setting Out Spiral Brickwork


I. Technical Drawing i

Description and Comparison of the Various Kinds of Drawings used by Technical Draughtsmen, their Advan tages and Limitations

II. Drawing Instruments ... 8

Materials, Appliances and Accessories—how to use them

With Hints on Drawing and Inking, Standard List of Sectionings, Lines and Signs, etc.

IV. Lettering Drawings . . . -35 Chief Modern Types of Letters and Numerals, Uniformity, Spacing, Balance, Proportion, Optical Corrections, Alphabets, Tools

V. Orthographic Projection . . .46 Plans, Elevations, Sections with examples in Carpentry, Cabinetwork, Joinery, Brickwork and Masonry, including Cupboards, Counters, Doors, Cates, Roofs, Floors, Windows, Lanterns, Circle-un-Circle Work

VI Isometric Projection . . . .8 2 Theory of Farish's Method. The modern Methods. Preparing Scales. Examples in Shop Fittings. Brickwork. Builder's Gantry. Pyramids, Cylinders and Curves

VII. Oblique Projection 100

Its Uses, Scales, Ofticial Method. Half Scale Work. A new Method by the Author. Examples in Partitioning, Reinforced Concrete Forms, Ship's Grating, etc. vii viii CONTENTS


VIII. Practical Perspective . . .114

As used by Architectural Draughtsmen. Principles. Methods of producing Drawings without Vanishing Points. Examples in Masonry, Carpentry anil Cabinet Work

and Sketching for Artisans. I low to draw Curved Lines. Use of Squared Paper. Enlarging and Diminishing Drawings. Tracing Taper, use of. Examples in Joinery, Masonry, Hinges, Door Springs, etc.

X. Practical Geometry 141

Obtaining Bevels and Cuts in Simple and Compound Angles. Development of Surfaces, Moulds for Double Curved Work. Forming Complex Curves, Helix, Spiral, Scroll, etc. The Conic Sections, Drawing Ellipses, Covering of Domes, Setting-out Arches in Brickwork, Masonry and Carpentry. A Handrail Wreath

XI. Workshop Drawings . . . . 17R Methods in different Trades. The Setting-out of Joiners' Rods. What to put on a Rod, what to omit. A Venetian Frame. A I'air of Circular headed Doors and Finishings. Bricklayers' Setting-out. Circle-on-Circle Work. Obtaining Moulds. Octagonal Chimney Stack. Setting-out Octagons Bevels for Templets

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