Bagatelle Straps

Practical Joinery. Butt liinges are made of cast-steel, wrought-iron, cast and rolled brass and gun-metal.

The Projecting Butt.. Fig. 2, is made much wider than the average, and the projecting portions are thickened to improve the appearance. They are used where there is some large moulding or other projecting part adjacent to the door which it is required to fold upon. The example shown is further strengthened by hardened steel bushes upon the working surface, the remaining portion of the hinge being usually brass or gun metal.

The Back Flap, Fig. 3, though of somewhat the same appearance as the butt, belongs to the surface type. It is chiefly used upon shutters or similar objects which are not sufficiently thick to accommodate butt hinges upon their edges. Some fastidious people require it sunk flush with the surface, but strength is thus sacrificed to appearance. The wings taper as shown in the plan, and they are always wider than long. They obtained their name because originally they were made for the back, or inner flaps of boxing shutters, but! hinges being used on the front flap, which was made thicker to provide sunk panels.

The Table Hinge, Fig. ¿6, is a special torm of back flap used in hinging the flaps or leaves of tables. The two points of difference are, that the joint is so formed that the wings will open back square to each other, consequently the knuckle projects upon the back surface instead of the front or countersunk side, which is sunk flush with the table top, thus allowing the brackets to pass freely underneath. The wings are of different length, or rather width; this is necessary because one has to bridge the hollow in the edge of the flap as shown in the sketch.

The Bagatelle Strap or Desk Hinge, Fig. 4, is a small brass hinge of the butt type, with wings abnormally wide in comparison to their length. They are used upon narrow margins to openings, such as desk flaps, bagatelle table covers and the like, are made of cast-brass, and in sizes trom 1 in. X fV iR- to X in.

Anatomy Butt Hinge
Freehand Examples—Door Hinges and Springs


The Rising or Helical Butt. Fig. 5, is generally made of polished brass, with hard steel bearings. They vary in size from 5 in. to 6 in. long, and are used for doors that have to pass over thick carpets, lifting the door about -g-th in., when it is full open. Of course the door will not open so far back as the hinge is shown in the drawing ; these butts are made " handed." The one shown is for a left-hand door—i.^. a door hung with the lock to shoot towards the left hand of the person viewing the face of the door.

The Trestle Hinge, Fig. 6, used for hinging builders " trestles " or scaffold steps, is made in wrought and malleable iron in sizes from 6 in to 14 in. They are fixed upon the. surtace of the frames and are of the strap type.

The Parliament or Shutter Hinge, Fig. 7, has extended wings and narrow side straps for the purpose of fixing them to the edges of frames. They are of the butt type, and are used for shutters that have to fold back on the face of a wall. The projection of the knuckle, must equal half the depth of the reveal of the opening into which the frame is sunk. The hinge is said to have obtained its name because it wa.s introduced to comply with an Act of Parliament requiring that doors and shutters opening upon footways should be folded back upon the walls. They are made in sizes 4 in., 4I in., 5 in. and 6 in., measured as shown in Fig. 7.

The Pew Hinge, Fig. ya, is a variation of the shutter hinge, having an egg-shaped joint, used, as its name implies, for pew and similar shaped doors.

The Counter Flap Hinge. Fig. 8, also known as a link hinge, when made in iron and of large size, for cellar flaps, is chiefly used for flaps in counter tops, the object ol' thé link being to allow the flap to lie back flat on the. counter without the necessity of having a projecting knuckle. As will be seen by the edge view, it is sunk flush with the top surface, and it is made of dovetailed shape to resist side pressure. Obtainable in cast-brass, gun metal and nickelled steel. Sizes from 1J in. to 2j in

Strap Hinges.—This term is applied in the ironmongery

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